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Lynn C. Sayre - Carstairs, D.M.D
620 California Blvd., Suite L
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
143 Niblick Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Dr. Sayre is the only periodontist in over a 100 mile radius that has a dental laser. She treats bone loss, bleeding gums, receding gums and deep pockets. Her procedures include gum grafts and pocket reduction. Please explore our site for more information.


The tissue graft that I had with Dr. Sayre went well and it was pain free.  Dr. Sayre is a superb medical dentist.  I highly recommend her.

-- Maritess

For a procedure I dreaded having done, it was one of the easiest and best things I have ever done for the overall health of my teeth and gums.  I have just completed my third and last graft.  The worst part is the name “grafting”.

-- Jim

I have been a patient of Dr. Lynn Sayre’s for over 15 years and I am very pleased with the courteous and professional style of her office.  Her office staff is always very cheerful, helpful and informative.  I’ve had three graft procedures and with each one I was given written information, the proper medication and follow up care by Dr. Sayre and her staff.  No one enjoys visiting a dental office, but Dr. Sayre and her staff certainly do their very best to make it a more comfortable and positive experience.

-- Ree

I graduated to periodontal care several years ago and wasn't happy about it, but I could tell when I first came to Coast Periodontics that something was different. For one thing, everyone seemed happy while working and happy to see me as well. The happiness didn't feel forced but genuine. After all these years I can tell you that from the time I enter the office (and hear Amber's hello), I feel not so bad about having gum disease.

I've had scaling and root planing, bacterial sampling, tissue grafting and ultra-sound cleanings. Each procedure inspires a certain amount of stress and I've always had to do a certain amount of deep breathing in the dental chair.  But Dr. Sayre-Carstairs and her staff make me feel more relaxed than I ever thought possible with sharp metal instruments in my mouth. They manage to make even the surgeries not so bad with all the interest and effort they put into making it not so bad.

They really do care. The philosophy and vision as stated on this web site aren't just marketing ploys. They are carried out in genuine and very human words and actions.

Over the years they've also inspired me to forge new habits. It's hard to keep doing more when you see so little improvement but every visit is a learning experience as well as a coaching session. They make me care about oral hygiene and I didn't think anyone could do that!

I had the luck of the draw. My oral hygienist gave me a couple of names when she referred me to a periodontist. I don't even remember why I chose Dr. Sayre-Carstairs, but I am so glad I did.

If you have to graduate to periodontal care like I did, I recommend this office to you without reservation. 

-- June

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the expertise and dedication in rescuing another loose member of my antiquity from oblivion.

I have had no problems with swelling, bleeding or pain.

I had a late 4 p.m. breakfast of soft boiled eggs and oatmeal.

I am following your after surgery instructions to the letter, so hopefully we will heal to your satisfaction.

I might add that your office staff has been very helpful and I am grateful for the courtesy.

-- Herb

First, I would like to say that the dental hygienist I had on September 10th was one of the best ever.  I think her name was Shannon.  I also loved her upbeat personality and the way she communicated about what she was doing and seeing inside my mouth.  I want to have her from now on!

I have been a client at your office for many years, probably 20!  The office is warm and inviting, as is the attentive office staff.

The excellent service provided by the dental hygienists and Dr. Lynn Sayre-Carstairs herself have kept my periodontal disease in check.  I have healthy gums and teeth despite this challenge.  Their guidance on how I can improve the care of my teeth via better brushing, flossing, or use of dental accessories has propelled me into being my own “tooth advocate”. 

I plan to continue to maintain my oral care at this office, as they are responsive to my unique needs and provide me the highest level of individual attention.

-- Anaundda